”The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

–Eleanor Roosevelt

Being both a dreamer and a perfectionist my job as a retoucher is to enhance the original vision of my client. With a ”new” set of eyes, I aspire to find that perfect balance between the natural and the controlled, the flawed and the perfected. I want to exceed the expectations of my clients with every image, to ultimately deliver images that fulfill the dreams of the audience. After a decade of working freelance as a photographer and retoucher in the beauty and fashion industry in Copenhagen, I relocated to Stockholm in 2015. I attained a 2-year degree as a Digital Image Specialist from Fotoskolan STHLM. Today, I live in Stockholm with my family and work as a retoucher under the company name Retouch by.  My client base ranges from small-scale editorials to larger commercial projects world wide.

– Thilde Dehlsen, founder

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